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Kissimmee, Florida — The first time that I ever heard of Twitter was somewhere around the 2008 presidential election when former President Barack was running for office. In considering how his team so masterfully used this platform to invigorate the young vote, it amazes me how the Twitter brand has suddenly become revered today as such an ingrained part of the sickening fabric that is the Donald Trump marketing machine. What some may have forgotten is that it was actually the Internet marketing team for a young presidential candidate named Senator Barack Obama of Chicago, Illinois, which orchestrated one of the most prolific and ingenious Internet marketing campaigns on the global stage that many people had ever seen. The truth is that unless you were in the business of strategic digital marketing back then, today you may be clueless. But as a result of these unprecedented efforts, then-Senator Barack Obama remarkably achieved the categorically impossible by actually claiming the presidency. Love the man or hate him, as the saying goes, “Game recognizes game.” President Obama’s Internet marketing campaign epitomized the unrealized force and effect of Millennial digital marketing at its finest.

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Now, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge, at the very least, President Donald Trump and his “team.” This team has taken the digital reins started by President Obama and raised them to an unimaginable level. They too are quite effective. Of course, unless you are actually blind to any inkling of reality you should understand highly improbable that our dear president actually spends countless hours sending Tweets” because of comments that may have been made about him. Fact is, if you actually believe that Mr. Trump is independently bombarding the public with this digital deluge of rhetoric and ultra-hyperbole, you’re still slightly behind the curve when it comes to how this digital thing works.

The mere fact of this man sending tweets at all hours of the night is absurd. Though at first, I too questioned the possibility. He comes across this extreme. But I also blame much of that on the shock of his actually winning in the first place. But it is more than likely that our dear, a manic president has a major marketing machine behind him, and the manner in which they use Twitter is, sadly enough, tremendously effective.

Twitter, RSS feeds, news feeds, social news… These have become some of the most effective means of drawing people to your content, concept, or brand. It is these technologies and others like them that provides your target audience with just enough information, or a tasty enough morsel, to entice the reader into becoming more engaged, to ask more questions, and to check out your other channels or feeds. These often abbreviated messages give people a reason to come back over and over again to your website, newsfeed, or YouTube channel.

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These technologies are often used in today’s marketing arena to initiate conversations and to gain insight into the public’s opinion regarding anything. And though they may be similar in technology, the manner in which each is used has its own designated purpose. One of the greatest differences between Twitter for example and traditional RSS feeds and newsfeeds is that Twitter encourages a dialogue while RSS feeds and news feeds are more of a type of monologue, as in a comment or preview, used to direct traffic to a secondary location.

But ultimately you want to use these streaming information technologies to extract every drop of marketing juice that you can squeeze out of them. Use Twitter to stimulate abbreviated discussions as well as to inject new, thought-provoking, exciting ideas. Use RSS and news feeds to plant the same thought-provoking seeds but also to keep the public aware of what’s new or how things are progressing, while continuing to steer them into a specific direction. People’s interests will remain peaked if your content remains interesting.

Consider this: Just as it helped place one president into office, and helped to expose the obfuscated and disturbingly provocative mind of another, these digital tools can have an astounding effect on your brand as well.

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N. D. Brennan is a contributor to The Jordan Effect, the creative mind behind The Social Media Millionaire book series, and the author of 51 Successful Business Tips For Millennials. He is also the author of the anti-American history tale, which draws an answer to an unprecedented answer to an unimaginable question: "What if white people were slaves?" 51 Successful Business Tips For Millennials is scheduled to be released this month. Reciprocal is available as an eBook at, and in paperback at Kindle Direct. To contact the writer directly, send your emails to