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Atlanta, Georgia — When app and website developers sell their services, even the best of professionals are far from being infallible.  But experience has shown that there are 3 primary mistakes that if you fit within this category you want to do your best to avoid. 



While this may seem to be the most obvious, the number of developers who neglect to become almost intimately acquainted with their prospects is staggering.  In order to most effectively prescribe the best solution or service for a prospect, it behooves you to get to know about that prospect first.  Become familiar with their current operational procedures and past development history.  Ask about past development experience, both good and bad.  Study to find what the prospect’s competitors are doing when it comes to app and website development.  And take the time to consider apps and technologies that are just over the horizon.


One key objective is to make certain that you develop a solution that will not require major improvements or upgrades in the not-so-distant future.  While prospects may feel comfortable hearing that you have taken the time to learn about their company and competitors in preparation for your meetings, what will truly set you apart is suggesting ideas that will set that prospect above the rest.


Have an idea of what the company can actually afford by studying trends related to the industry as well as the prospect.  One of the fastest ways to turn any prospect off is to recommend an app or website development solution that is far outside of the company’s budget.


When you enter into the doors of that prospect capable of discussing their actual existing development needs or requirements, you have set yourself up to be more than a prospective vendor or contractor.  You will be treated more like a prospective partner.


The average app and website development consultant or company representatives will meet with a prospect having only a rudimentary understanding of the prospect company and even less information regarding their competitors.  Your objective, that’s if you truly want the deal, is to be much more than that.  You want to strive to be as knowledgeable about the app and website development history and needs of the prospect as their most committed I.T. employee.  By doing so, your chances of acquiring that business prospect increases exponentially.

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.  I remember walking into meeting with a team of eager app and website development neophytes.  These were individuals who had not yet come to realize that the average prospect is more interested in the simpler ideas regarding what a service can do for their company, how much it costs, and the amount of time it will require to implement than hearing you recite elaborate technical expressions that only you and their own in-house I.T. guy can begin to understand.  I too was once that guy.  But very early on I quickly learned the benefit of being bilingual in both “tech talk” and everyday corporate conversations.


As a technologist we tend to become very excited when that platform or framework finally performs as we envisioned.  And most app and website development prospects will momentarily appreciate our excitement and enthusiasm.  The scripts that are written, locating that one errant line or character within all of the code amassed in the development process, and just to perform the seemingly simplest of tasks.  Again, they will momentarily appreciate our moment in the sun.  But at the end of the day, the average prospect will be more interested and become more excited upon hearing about the percentage of increase in efficiency, productivity, performance, and exposure than the path you took to get there.


Unless you are working with another technology company, you will sell much more by promoting functions and features over framework.  Time and experience has proven that prospects have a tendency to be more attentive to cost savings than algorithms.  If you want to bore them to death, continue to concentrate on arrays, formulas, and tables.  But if you are an app and website developer who is actually interested in being successful, keep it simple by simply selling the good stuff about your service.


Regardless of how well of a presentation your competition may have, there is something incredibly seductive when you are able to speak using the language that is indigenous to the prospect’s specific professional field of business.  Being fairly fluent in the language of that industry or business sector brings a subconscious level of comfort to the prospect and increased confidence in you and your company’s ability to do the job.


Being able to speak using the prospect’s professional jargon suggests specialization, meaning you may specialize in working with businesses and consultants within their specific industry.  It’s the difference between a general practitioner and a person who specializes in a specific field of medicine.  And when it comes to business, the average company would much rather use a specialist than a general practitioner.


Familiarity with the prospect’s industry language also forces you to become more versed at the needs and direction of the field of business.  It helps you to become acquainted with how the business operates.  But it also helps to expose industry-wide vulnerabilities.  It encourages innovation in app and website development.  And it teaches you what services to sell and how to sell it.  All of these things will place you further along than your competition with your prospects.  But that does not mean that you should not use all of your other tools to sell your services.


Remember that at the end of the day, there will be competitors who speak the language, who know how to sell by promoting what their service does, and who will familiarize themselves with the prospect.  There will be those who may only offer one of these advantages but it will be connected to an awesome set of services.  In short, while taking steps to prevent from making these 3 mistakes, continue to simultaneously work to perfect your best presentation.  These suggestions will not guarantee that your service will sell to every prospect but it will place you within striking distance, and as the saying goes, “Luck favors the prepared.”  Chances are if you are prepared around the board, luck will not even be a factor.  All it will take is a well-practiced and prepared technique and knowledge of who you are dealing with.  Suddenly, deals may feel as if they are closing themselves.

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