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A recent email was received asking for recommendations on how to develop new IT development leads using social media.  This was an interesting question by someone who was probably quite familiar with using social media for every other reason. 


Social media.  It’s an Internet platform where pools of people gather to network, exchange ideas, and socialize.  It’s basically that simple.  Now, people who typically stand out above the general fray either entered this ocean of digital enthusiasm with already pre-established real-world popularity or they are those people who have developed the right formula for establishing the most connections while somehow stimulating the greatest interest.  And when considering lead development and generating referral business, it is those connections and your specific interest that differentiates one amalgamation of interested people from another.


It requires more than simply registering to a social media community and begging people to friend you, though that is a fundamental part of it.  Developing leads by using social media (or as it is more commonly being referred to “social marketing”) takes action, a little bit of intuition, comprehension, and an actual strategy.  business lead development using social media is achieved by following that gut feeling as much as it is by learning behavioral patterns.  The greatest of them all though is found in those professionals who are able to somehow almost magically navigate the waters of billions of competing thinkers by dynamically applying and optimizing an admixture of these two driving forces.


So how do you develop new IT development leads using social media?

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First off, people must know not only who you are in droves but also what you are seemingly and notably adept or highly skilled at accomplishing.  Also on the social media world stage, it’s often better to have others (as in millions) have reason to talk about you.  But I’ve also experienced it where some people have been so boisterous, belligerent, and indignant yet confident that their voice transforms into this annoying cacophony that causes you to almost naturally inquire about them or their company if for no other reason than out of sheer curiosity about the source of the noise or the unmitigated audacity of that individual.  The point is that there is no metric or algorithm created that can accurately and precisely forecast with absolute certainty that a new social media member will, without a doubt, enter onto the social media global stage and is guaranteed to fail or to be overwhelming successful.  The human psyche is too volatile and our experiences too impressionable.  But at the same instant, there is something to say about an individual’s own belief system, regardless of the naysayers and any particular analytics, giving them the unforeseen ability to defy every logical expectation and rise to the occasion!


Now while every personality type may be different, there are some fundamentals to developing IT development leads using social media that are certain to frame a great foundation for successfully achieving this goal.  here are a few key recommendations and guiding principles for you to follow:


Many social sites offer some form of grouping, affording members of the community an opportunity to discuss various topics regarding an industry, host R&D-type forums, and to collaborate on emerging ideas or systems.  The general idea is to provide a shared corporate space or virtual meeting place for people to network, to learn, to teach, and to collaborate.  But this shared platform also introduces partnership opportunities, new sales and marketing strategies, digital industry influencers, and a wealth of prospective clients.  It provides those leading, dynamic thinkers a stage where they are placed into the immediate spotlight before their target audience and peers.


Within these social media groups, you are instantly circumferenced by a global array of individuals and key company representatives who all have like needs, interests, curiosities, and inquiries or questions.  This fertile ground plants you in a field of possibilities that you may never have ever heard of or been exposed to otherwise.


But if you dare to join these groups, have the confidence and willingness to not only participate but also facilitate group sessions or discussions.  In other words, aspire not to simply be another member of the audience randomly observing or listening.  You want to actually become involved in the conversation.  Have the courage to initiate or host a meeting.  The fact is that if you are truly looking to develop IT development leads, this is an awesome way of having your voice heard while allowing people to be exposed to your talent, creative thinking, and overall ability firsthand.

Before you know it, clients will begin contacting you directly “to talk further.”  your voice and distinct professional perspective will evolve into one of your greatest sales and marketing weapons.  Suddenly, IT development leads will begin to seemingly unearth themselves before you.


Now that you’ve gotten their attention, expect them to begin visiting your channel or page within the community and in other popular social sites.  So it’s time to establish a marketing voice even when you may not be actually logged into the channel.  One very effective means of accomplishing this task is by launching your own serial podcasts.


Serial podcasts provide prospective IT development leads with things to consider implementing into their design strategy even when you aren’t immediately available.  It provides you with an opportunity to further “chum the water” to attract more development leads and business opportunities.  Serial podcasts also showcase the fact that you are intuitive, methodical, and not simply someone who happened to luck up on a couple of great ideas.  Your voice within a podcast expresses experience and a relevant, relatable background.


Podcasts also have the power to associate a degree of celebrity to you and your brand.  They educate and excite people who may require your services.  It is because of all of these apparent and not so apparent benefits that podcasting has often proven to be instrumental in acquiring and vastly improving leads and referral business of all types.


Be certain to systematically publish your podcast on each one of your professionally-influenced, social channels.  This way, if a prospect happens to miss your podcast on LinkedIn for example, he or she will be able to catch it on Facebook podcasts.


The #1 Internet sales and marketing technology for 2019 is Internet video.  With IPv6 and 5G mobile networks, businesses are now presented with an opportunity to develop IT development leads by incorporating video streaming nuance into their social media channels.  While prospects may not have the time or feel compelled to exhaust the mental energy to read about your experiences and development capabilities, an Internet video streaming presentation somehow makes that learning seem effortless and entertaining.


Social marketing and lead generation over an IPv6 and 5G mobile network affixes unprecedented ideologies to you and your company or department.  That is because social marketing in 2019 has become “social entertainment.”  Your social media channels should not only consist of great images and impeccable copywriting.  It should provide an opportunity for prospects to learn or experience you or your company by vicarious association.  And Internet video is a perfect facility!


Consider developing your own web-based, IT development news and talk show.  Here you can not only showcase your own talent and expertise, but you can also catch the wave of audience members following popular industry influencers by interviewing them on your show.  It’s simple mathematics.  By connecting yourself to established IT development professionals or Internet personalities who have a sizeable following, you are inherently drawing much of their attention to yourself as well.


Then there are those social “neighbors” who you have worked feverishly to establish real connections with.  Hosting your own IT news and talk show demonstrates how knowledgeable and innovative you are.  It provides a resource for their occasional unanswered questions or concerns, and introduces new ideas for increasing project efficiency.  Your show can possibly introduce emerging technologies or management practices.  In fact, any combination of these examples will give prospects not only a reason to return to your channel but, more importantly, to trust you.  And today, trust and technology is an increasingly rare breed.


IT lead development using these 3 recommendations across your social media marketing spectrum is practically certain to be affirmatively impacted.  These 3 simple techniques are great ways of vastly improving you and your company’s marketing valuation to your social media audience.  It means that when prospects are in need of a solution, these elements will ensure that you are at the forefront of their minds.


Developing IT development leads using social media is highly effective.  These techniques demonstrate just a few methods of making you and your development innovations relatable.  In essence, it’s about giving people a reason to contact you or to to be much more open to dialogue if you happen to reach out to them.  Most of all, social media has the power to transform you into a familiar.  People buy from people that they know.  And at the end of the day, isn’t that what lead development is really about anyway?

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