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Small App Development Companies Don’t Have a Real Team Of Experienced App Developers


by The Social Media Millionaire

     for The Jordan Effect


     Kissimmee, Florida — Yesterday we addressed one of the first challenges faced by many smaller app development companies when attempting to acquire bigger contracts.  We found that smaller app development companies tend to be poor or grossly inexperienced or underprepared contract negotiators.  This can be a severe impediment to building your app development company.  But another objection many major corporations voices when considering smaller app development companies for bigger contracts is that they often do not have a “real” team of experienced app developers to rely upon.  If no one else has taken the liberty to tell you, one person and a close friend who thinks coding is “really cool” is clearly not an adequate group to manage bigger contracts or what you could even really consider a team if you are being truly honest with yourself.  But that is not to say that smaller app development companies have to remain in that position. 

     Today, projects can often be managed remotely by teams who may never even see the inside of the main office.  And an experienced team can be quickly built by a smaller app development company as efficiently as it takes the project leader to log into their social media account and get the latest news.  But if you really want your company to be able to adequately manage the bigger contracts, you must first compile a group of reliable, seasoned, innovative, and creative app developers who you can eventually not only call your team, but that you know will be able to get the job done by working together in the time allotted to do it.

Contracts For Freelancers

Having A Full Time Team. 

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As a smaller app development company, while you may not be able to afford a full-time team of permanent app development employees, that does not mean that you should not work to vet and establish a portfolio of experienced independent contractors that you can call on if given advanced notice.  These men and women represent that second layer of reliable professionals who function as an immediate extension to your existing development team body.  These individuals must be dependable and able to assist you and/or your project lead to establishing a firmer grasp on areas of the app development project related to his or her specific skill set.

     How much time will it require?  Are there any hardware and software requirements that exceed what is currently available?  Will additional supporting developers be required to complete the job?  What will that developer require to be completed prior to incorporating his or her part of the project?  These are merely a few examples of the types of questions that each contracted app developer must be able to answer to ensure that (1) your team can actually do the work; (2) the appropriate time has been allotted; and (3) you are fairly aware of the cost related to each member of your team.

     Prior to all of this, you want to make certain that cost, capabilities, and key expectations are clearly defined and described within the independent contractor or employment agreement.  This will surely lessen the possibility of last-minute surprises, such as sudden rate hikes.

  Developer Agreements

      Within your app developer agreements for permanent or contracted professionals, be certain to lay out the process or procedure for everything from the manner in which you will provide the developer advance notice of a new project to the schedule of payments for their services.  If there is to be a contingency plan or option for acquiring contractors who are currently in a contract with a separate company, your agreement should define any thresholds, caps, limitations, set-asides, and special conditions that may be relevant.  Alternatively, be certain to protect yourself by incorporating provisionary language that strongly discourages or outright prohibits a contractor from quitting or taking on a new assignment mid-stream of a project that they may be working for your company.  And as previously advised in Part 1, include language that will protect the integrity, privacy, and proprietary processes, apps, technologies, and information that they may create or be exposed to during an assignment.

    Using this strategy will remove much of the tedious work related to last-minute interviewing, pre-screening, and hiring new team members while securing a group of “real,” experienced app developers who you can comfortably and confidently refer to as your app development team.  Remember, even if you have the means to afford a full-time staff of developers, most projects will only require a certain number of human resources to perform the task.  The same is true for a hybrid of W-2 employees and independent contractors.  But by having an understanding of the terms and conditions of your professional relationship, a smaller app development company’s chances of acquiring bigger contracts are significantly increased because working with that company becomes, suddenly, much less problematic and much more positively predictable.

     Tomorrow, we will address the final challenge regarding the need for the appropriate insurance coverage.


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