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Kissimmee, Florida — Back in the early 2000’s, the answer was unequivocal.  Canada’s Blackberry was THE mobile phone for the consummate professional.  In fact, this phone was so popular that special arrangements had to be made to ensure that President Obama was able to continue to enjoy this technology after his 2008 win for the presidency.  That’s how big the Blackberry was.  The Blackberry had become synonymous with business mobile communication and mobile contact management.

     Today, the Blackberry has clearly been replaced by Smartphones using Android and Apple’s iOS.  But unlike their predecessor, these phones dominate the consumer and commercial arenas.  As a result, the lines are not quite as distinguishable.  This raises the question, which is truly better for business.

     Our needs are much more advanced today.  But both platforms appear to be stellar performers.  Today, we use Smartphones to do everything from creating and managing our websites, communicating with clients and prospects through a virtual array of channels and methodologies, and publishing blogs and press releases to accounting, processing payments, and video recording transactions.  And here’s the rub:  This can be accomplished using either platform.  So the question remains, which then is best for business?

     For once, we would like to hear from you, the Millennial professional and entrepreneur.  We want to know which Smartphone and mobile operating system is better in your experience, and why.  What are the benefits that you feel one has over the other?  Why have you chosen to use the phone that you use?  And what do you use your Smartphone for in business?

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We would like to hear from you

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     We would like to hear from you.  We are asking for you to provide us with your personal opinion so that we can work together to re-establish which is better for business.

     I invite you to respond directly to this blog, or go to Twitter.com and search for the hashtag #AppleOrAndroidForBusiness to let us know what you think.  Perhaps together we can finally figure this thing out once and for all.

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N. D. Brennan is a contributor to The Jordan Effect, the creative mind behind The Social Media Millionaire book series, and the author of 51 Successful Business Tips For Millennials. He is also the author of the anti-American history tale, which draws an answer to an unprecedented answer to an unimaginable question: "What if white people were slaves?" 51 Successful Business Tips For Millennials is scheduled to be released this month. Reciprocal is available as an eBook at www.Amazon.com, and in paperback at Kindle Direct. To contact the writer directly, send your emails to ndbrennan4111@gmail.com.