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These Rules Can Save You Thousands 

Mobile App Development Process

App Development Process

The App Design Is Key

As you can see the design and UX is 1/3 of the app builing process. To most of us, it's the most important part of the whole process. So you'll a design contract to protect yourself from designers trying to claim designer rights by not releasing the work. 

Key Tools You'll Need For Your App

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Mobile App Contract

Your Going To Need A Website


We have to get you a professional looking website. With your website you'll be able show the true features of your app, market and advertise, and handle tech support issues. ipage gives you a free domain, $200 in ad spend (for free), and a year of hosting for a little over $35. WP engine is good for speed and high performing websites. So if you're expecting a lot of visitors I would go with WP-engine


Your Going To Need A Telephone

If you don't support your app, you'll get a bunch of bad reviews and bad reviews equals no downloads. In a world where image is everything, the last thing you want to do is give out you private cellphone number. With vonage you get a free phone, unlimited calls, text, and a automated phonetree operator starting at $19.99 a month. The way we use this is by having the phone line ring all our cellphones and office phone at the same time so we don't miss a call. Also you can put the name of your app on the caller ID.  

Your Going to Need A Designer

Remeber UX design is over 60% of the web and app game. Always have your apps built in invisionapps this way you'll be able to test your app during the design phase so you can see how it functions before it is coded. What I like about 99designs is that a bunch of designers compete to bid on your project. They all submit there design to you and the person you choose with the best design wins. All at 1/3 the cost you'll pay to hire a regular design company. 

You Need To Know Your Numbers

Your in business to make money, not lose money. You have a revenue goal you've got to hit. But  you can't hit what you can't see. Plus if you plan on selling this app (or company) or maby even take it public (or raise funding). Then you need to start tracking your numbers now. Freshbooks is great for non-accountants, it's simple and easy to use. Plus you get to try it for free, so you got nothing to lose. For most people it's the best way to protect themselves from the IRS.  

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Developer Contract

Although there are some simple and small agreements and contracts that can still be legal, it is necessary to use printed contracts and agreements to put every case legally and avoid unwanted cases. Whether is be a website contract or a app contract

Appropriately worded documents should be properly protected for all parties involved and should explain clearly all the rights and obligation of each. Sometimes, a legal case may occur that will require the creation of an informal document that will show the obligation and stipulations of the parties involved. For a website development contract or a app contract

Anyone with a little knowledge can prepare such documents but the question now is, how can you tell difference between what is legal and what is not. Especially for a MOBILE APP DESIGN CONTRACT or a mobile app contract

It is a fact that most legal documents prepared by lawyers are complex and difficult to understand. With the goal to allow common people a simple and straightforward verbiage, app development contracts were introduced.

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